Chadmin - The Demo Church


ActionsIdNameChangesChange Date
View1v0.0.1Initial creation of the database2012-08-30
View2v0.0.2Imported members from HB Excellerate2012-09-14
View3v0.0.3Added paging of members2012-09-15
View4v0.0.4Rebuilt security
Optimised code for faster operating
View5v0.0.5Added member photos.
Added ability to upload photo file.
Added flash function to take photos using webcam.
View6v0.0.6Optimising security2013-01-24
View7v0.0.7Added field to mark records as deleted without deleting the record.2013-02-08
View8v0.0.8Added buttons to List, Add, Edit, Delete the different data sets.2013-02-10
View9v0.0.9Optimised the database interface code.
Added member districts.
Updated and corrected import scripts.
Added database foreign keys.
View10v0.1.0Replaced many type tables with one pick_lists table that lists all the options for the various drop-downs2013-05-19
View11v0.1.1Added Groups and Contributions to the import and database2013-06-01
View12v0.1.2Added Member Interactions, Call Lists (list of people to call - prioritised by combination of
time-since-last-interaction and next-interaction-urgency.
View13v0.1.3Added editing and management of groups, including listing members of each group and child groups. 2013-06-24
View14v0.1.4Included list of latest meetings when viewing a group.
Made the groups filter list sticky using user_preferences.
View15v0.1.5Fixed up meetings and groups to show and edit related tables;
Added Group adding and editing (including group members).
Added Meeting adding and editing (including member attendees)
Added pagination to Logs and Meetings
Added search functions to Groups.
Added search functions to Meetings.
View16v0.1.6Added contributions (list, add, edit, view)2013-08-03
View17v0.2.0Added Birthdays and Anniversaries to Call Lists2013-08-12
View18v0.2.1Added Courses, Course steps, Member Courses (attended), Member Course Steps.2013-08-21
View19v0.2.2Added reports engine to generate reports based on sql stored in reports table.
Reports can accept variables.
Variables can be text or from a drop-down select which is specified by the sql for that variable as saved for that report.
Variables can also be assigned a default value.
Created custom header and footer so that print of the report output would look reasonable.
Added a sum_field so a field can be specified that will then provide a total at the bottom.
View20v0.2.3Added Course Templates with Course Template Steps. Added the function to create a new Course from the Course Templates.2013-09-20
ActionsIdNameChangesChange Date
View21v0.2.4Modified Std Reports, added Variable3 and Report Attributes.
Added a list of missing Cell Reports
View22v0.3.0Converted code and changed to MariaDB database engine.
Added Fin_Alert and Missed_Meetings Call Lists.
Added page to capture meeting attendance by entering member_id, or using an hid scanner. (scanner termination char = < cr > ).
Added check to validate dates entered.
View23v0.3.1Added export to PDF for Std reports.
Made them pretty.
Reports exported to PDF are limited to 12 columns.
View24v0.3.2Adjusted search of members to highlight the searched phrase. Still need to adjust the highlighting when the display field includes special characters eg. é;
Fixed display of special characters
View25v0.3.3Added export of standard reports to Excel Spreadsheet;
Added Forms that can be printed directly.
Forms can be added from the front-end using Standard SQL and Standard HTML with in-line styling.
View26v0.3.3Added Helps.
Text stored in the database and can be edited from the front-end by admin.
Added Letters and member_subscriptions (to the letters).
View27v0.3.4Added Group Reports.
Displays graphs and data for the selected report.
Data for the specified report can be filtered by selecting a group from the hierarchial tree structure of groups displayed.
Reports can be set up to include selected group and all it's descendants.
Added ability to upload BMP image files.
View28v0.3.5Export of Std Reports to PDF now includes table headers on every page.
Added photos for Group Leaders
Added a dynamic lookup for members on certain capture forms to speed up the capture process (e.g. Capturing Contributions).
Lookup now includes members where search phrase matches the Old_DB_Codes.
Added Member Interaction Comments confidentiality level, where you can specify if the comment is confidential, or only to pastors, or public info. Default is confidential.
Upgraded CodeIgniter to version 2.1.4
View29v0.4.0Added check-in and a check-out system for childrens church.
Members can be scanned in and out with a scanner and their barcode, or looked up by typing in their Lastname or old-member-code.
When checking-in, system opens a window to print stickers for guardian and child.
Added Orders table for tracking product orders.
View30v0.5.0Bug fixing.
Small refactoring around reverting back to previous pages using new history function.
Switched on the DB caching. Big performance jump.
Refined filtering of user permissions using organisations.
View31v0.6.0Added statements for contributions. Statements are printable.2014-04-23
View32v1.0.0Added Meeting Attendance report.

Added printable report of Member Courses including Steps

Added the list of Orders to the Members View page

Chadmin goes live for the first time
View33v1.0.1Added ability to filter Members search according to Organisation and District

Fixed bug when adding additional Member Course Steps

Added ability to specify how many records are displayed when listing Members - Active, Non-Active and when Searching
View34v1.0.2Added filters for logs.

Created role to view logs.

Fixed bug when member with group management that is filtered by organisation tries to print group forms.
View35v1.0.3Added capturing of history of export of letters: displays last export on members view page.

Also updates letters last-sent-date automatically when letter gets exported.
View36v1.0.4Add a function to merge members. It moves all the information from the old member to the new member without overwriting any current data.
View37v1.1.0Added Course Reports.
Updated printable layout to work with Opera, Firefox & Chrome.
Added a function to compare and import meeting attendance into a course step (typically a lecture). Typically used to capture service attendance to a meeting, and then where members attending a meeting are attending different courses, the meeting attendance for that member can be used to update attendance to the lecture applicable to coures that member is attending)
Various bug fixes and enhancements
Added ability to capture multiple church service attendance when capturing cell reports.
Added a printable version of the members information.
History of letters sent is automatically captured when exporting letters for a mail merge.
View38v1.1.1Added Group Leaders follow-up report.
Updated groups to make it possible to select multiple forms to include each group.
Moved group_form types onto the database>pick_lists. Now easier to expand without altering code.
View39v1.1.2Course results are now automatically updated according to the course steps and the payments received.
Added options to sort statements and contribution letter export by member ascending or descending.
Statements try to use member's preferred name before defaulting to use firstname
View40v1.1.3Added a message system so that users can send messages to other users.2014-07-30
ActionsIdNameChangesChange Date
View41v1.1.4Added a scheduling system for volunteers.
Roles are created for each volunteer team.
Members can be assigned duties (roles to fill on a date and time) according to the roles of their team.
Schedule is viewable without logging in - for public access.
Added colours for members to easily identify their schedules. A logged in user with access, can select/define a colour per member.
View42v1.1.5Added brute-force login attack protection.
Administrators can remove blocked login under setup > users > blocked.
View43v1.2.0Updated the look and feel to compartmentalise the blocks of data in frames.
Added the ability to capture discipleship information.
When viewing a member, the discipler(s) and disciplees are displayed.
Links are included for moving up- or down- the heirarchy in a form of organigram.
View44v1.2.1Added different styles.
Added the ability for logged-in users to set their own style (from those available) from the Users > View page.
Added schedules notification system where emails can be sent out on specified days for notification- or reminder purposes.
Schedules can be confirmed by the member using the link included in the email.
Members can unsubscibe from receiving schedule information emails using a link included in the emails.
View45v1.2.2Added the ability to send bulk emails using letter subsciptions.
Members that are subscribed to a letter with subscription type email can all be sent an email.
It is possible to add a file attachment to the outgoing email. Attachment size limit can be set in the Server Settings by the system administrator.
Outgoing email automatically includes a link for unsubscription. Members can unsubscribe from those emails using this link.
View46v1.2.3Updated Events.
Meetings can be added for each event. Attendance can be captured for each meeting (using Member Id, barcode scanner or typing in the members name).
When viewing an Event, the summary of meetings and members attended is displayed, as well as a list of the members who are registered for the event.
There is a link on the Event page to print registration acknowledgement for each registered member.
The registration acknowledgement includes the photo- and barcode for that member. This is for easier capturing of attendance using a barcode scanner.
If Event Packs are included, the number can be specified on the Event page. The handing out of Event Packs can be captured for each member.
Multiple Event payments can be captured for each Member, for each Event.
Event Confirmation emails can be sent with an attached PDF that can be printed for quicker capturing of Event Packs and meeting attendance.
View47v1.2.4Added ability to send bulk emails using Group Tree.
Can send to all the members of that group and child-groups. Includes a button to select only the leaders (leaders & interns).
Added ability to send bulk emails by selecting Organisation and Location.
Auto-includes an unsubscribe link in all outgoing bulk emails.
View48v1.2.5Added Event self-registration. Acknowlegement and registration form is automatically emailed to the member.
Restricted access to pastors` personal contact information.
Member Course Steps - lecture attendance - added time restrictions to accepted attendance importing from meeting attendance.
Added various course reports (absenteeism, resignations)
Courses - changed a single score to now record separate scores for Lectures, Tests and Assignments. Results are recalculated when steps are updated.
Update course reports to be more generic. Html format now saved with the course report.
Multiple bug fixes.
Members - Added a page to capture baptism dates for multiple members on one page.
View49v1.2.6Added a page for volunteers to check-in for scheduled duties (schedules - check-in).
Page only shows schedules for the current day, and can be filtered by volunteer group.
Added an Overlay to the schedules check-in that hides the buttons not needed for check-in.
View50v1.2.7Added the ability to lock the front-end to a page.
A lock code can be entered and must be re-entered to unlock the page.
Typically used for a general-use check-in pc to allow volunteers to check in for their duties.
View51v1.2.8Various bug fixes and optimisations.
Updated interface look n feel.
Ability to send ad-hoc smses using
Additional reports added.
Updated Course badges - added colour - user selectable.
Updated the menu to be more mobile-friendly and moved menu items around.
Updated Group badges - added colour and user selectable logo.
View52v1.2.9Changed the editing of group meeting attendance to use faster, dynamic lookup for members.
Changed edit addresses to use dynamic lookup for members.
Updated many reports to provide more useful data.
Added new reports for the pastors to give better access to relevant data.
View53v1.3.0Added check for Schedules conflicts
Added form for homecells to update member details
Added various reports
Added schedules printable
View54v2.0Upgrade to PHP7.2
Upgrade to CIv3
Upgraded libraries.