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ChangesUpdated Events.
Meetings can be added for each event. Attendance can be captured for each meeting (using Member Id, barcode scanner or typing in the members name).
When viewing an Event, the summary of meetings and members attended is displayed, as well as a list of the members who are registered for the event.
There is a link on the Event page to print registration acknowledgement for each registered member.
The registration acknowledgement includes the photo- and barcode for that member. This is for easier capturing of attendance using a barcode scanner.
If Event Packs are included, the number can be specified on the Event page. The handing out of Event Packs can be captured for each member.
Multiple Event payments can be captured for each Member, for each Event.
Event Confirmation emails can be sent with an attached PDF that can be printed for quicker capturing of Event Packs and meeting attendance.
Change Date2015-01-12